• Providing patrol and pilot boats for port services.

  • Mooring & unmooring of vessels in ports and virtual jetties.

  • Pollution control operations at ports.

  • Connection, disconnection & handling of petroleum product hoses at harbour jetties .

  • Installation, operation & maintenance of Single Point Mooring (SPM) system.

  • Dry docking and maintenance of vessels, boats and dredgers.

  • Salvage (including submerged vessels & pipelines) and towing operations.

  • Providing anchorage services at port.

  • Hydrographic survey.

  • Underwater drilling & blasting, underwater survey & videography.


  • Capital dredging for ports.

  • Maintenance dredging of entrance channels, rivers, canals, waterways and de-siltation of reservoirs.

  • Underwater trenching for pipe laying & backfilling.

  • Land reclamation, creation of artificial islands & beach nourishment.


  • Marine structures such as piled jetties, fishing harbors, diaphragm walls and breakwaters .

  • Construction of utility buildings, institutional buildings, auditoriums, convention halls and large warehouses.

  • Roads & pavements – flexible, rigid.

  • Bridges - suspended rope bridges, pre-stressed RCC bridges.

  • Sea protection works by use of geo-bags, wire & rope gabions.

  • River embankment and flood control works using geo mattress, geo tubes , geo textiles , wire and rope gabions .

  • Irrigation works - canals, aquaduct, siphons, groundwater recharge.


  • Pipeline inspection & maintenance services.

  • Offshore and onshore pigging operations, including intelligent pigging.

  • Carrying out remedial measures / maintenance for onshore and offshore oil and gas pipelines.

  • Vibration monitoring of oil and gas pipelines.

  • Cathodic protection & corrosion monitoring system.

  • Operation and handling of loading arms & other facilities in ports.

  • EPC contract for construction & commissioning of mechanical conveyor systems for bulk cargo handling at ports and large warehouses.

  • Design & construction of FRP boats, steel boats, multipurpose vessels, anchor handling vessels & dredgers.

  • General heavy engineering, fabrication and installation of steel structures.

  • Operation & maintenance of industrial and Harbor facilities like bulk terminals, oil jetties, ballast discharge systems and rffluent water discharge systems.

  • Installation, operation & maintenance of firefighting facilities.

Offshore Logistics

  • Providing offshore supply vessels & steel chase boats for seismic survey operations, carried out by oil exploration companies.

  • Providing interpreters and skilled marine crew for seismic survey operations.

  • Supply, manning and operation of tug boats & barges, offshore vessels and multipurpose utility vessels.

Yojaka Boat Yard

  • Yojaka has experience in construction of Work boats, Tug Boats Bunker vessels , Flat top barges, Pontoons, Fishing Boats and any other type of vessels as per client requirement and built according to IACS Classification society.

  • Yojaka can facilitate for construction of FRP boat at its yard.

  • Yojaka has constructed vessels for their own project works and also exported bunker vessels to neighboring country.


  • Yard Area is 24,950 Sq meters with water-front length of 200 meters.

  • Two Slipways available for hauling up and launching-
    Slipway 1 - width of 15 meters X 45 meters ,
    Slipway 2 - width of 25 meters X 50 meters

  • Winch facilities to haul up and launch up to 300 tons weight vessels

  • Draft available at slipway end 2.5 meters

  • Sea mouth is 2 nautical miles from Yard.


  • Construction of Steel vessels

  • Construction of FRP / wooden vessels

  • Dry docking facilities for under water servicing and for complying classification requirements of Vessels

  • Facilities and logistics for repairing vessels

  • Welding and Launching facility for HDPE / Steel pipes.

  • Heavy engineering steel constructions.

  • Divers, diving equipment facilities for under water Hull inspection / Hull cleaning

  • Facilities

    • Workshops equipped with machine tools

    • Assembly bays with cranes and material handling equipment

    • Surface preparation and painting bays for steel plates and sections

    • Easy availability of raw materials like Steel, Paints, Lubricants, Ropes and Ship spares in and around Mangalore area.

    • Easy accessibility to specialized workshops for special manufacturing, tooling, pipe bending, CNC cutting and related ship repair works.

    • Uninterrupted supply of power with back-up generators.

    • 24 Hours water supply.

    • Independent site offices for clients/representatives.

    • Qualified work force of all trades like welders, fitters, riggers and painters.

    • Availability of rented accommodation nearby to Yard.

    Strategic Location

    • New Mangalore Port Trust - 7 km from Yard.

    • Old Port Mangalore - 1.5 nautical miles from Yard and serves as nodal point for entry and exit of vessels and issuing of port and custom clearance formalities.

    • MMD and IRS office /Ship Stores / Ship Chandlers / Shipping Agents / Custom House - within a radius of 4-5 km from Yard.

    • Mangalore Airport - 16 km from Yard.

    • Mangalore Bus Station - 11 km from Yard.

    • Mangalore Central Railway Station - 15 km from the Yard

    • Surathkal Railway station - 15km from the Yard

    • Mangalore City center - within 14km from yard

Hire and Charter of Vessels and Dredgers

  • Yojaka has well maintained fleet of Cutter Suction Dredgers ,Submersible Sand Pump dredgers , Electrical operated Submersible slurry Pumps , Work boats , Survey Boats , Patrol Boats , Modular Pontoons and various other equipment's for Marine works. We can provide our vessels and dredgers on charter, with Manning and Operation basis or depending on client's requirements.

Import / Export

  • Importation of Cutter Suction Dredgers (CSD).

  • FRP boats for commercial & pleasure application.

  • Machineries and instruments for marine, mechanical and navigational aids, life saving & safety equipments.

  • Steel wire ropes, mooring ropes, slings & shackles.

  • Sourcing and supply of engineering goods, industrial spare parts.

  • Design, construction and supply of customized wooden dhows (traditional Arabic wooden boats).


  • Yojaka has undertaken beach development & maintenance works on BOMT basis in association with Department of tourism, government of karnataka. currently, developing & maintaining a stretch of 2.0 km beach at tannirbhavi, mangalore.

  • Safety of life at sea , cleanliness , safety and security of visitors , providing basic public facilities are our primary goal.